KARACHI: The city experienced its second consecutive day of rainfall as Monsoon system from the Bay of Bengal brought medium to heavy rains on Monday.

Pleasant Weather Amid Monsoon Showers

Karachi witnessed a drop in temperature and a surge in humidity as moderate to heavy rainfall graced various areas, including Malir Khokhrapar, Defence Housing Society (DHA), Clifton, Gulshan Hadeed, Gulistan Johar Block 8, North Karachi, North Nazimabad, Surjani Town, Tariq Road, Shahrahe Faisal, PECHS, and Soldier Bazar. Some areas experienced particularly heavy rainfall, making the weather conditions pleasant for the residents.

Rainfall Highlights

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Surjani Town received the highest rainfall at 60 mm [2.3 inches], followed by 33 mm in Gulshan Maymar, 23 mm in North Karachi, 22.6 mm in Saadi Town, 16.4 mm in Orangi Town, 15 mm on University Road, 13 mm in Gulshan Hadeed, and 12.3 mm in Nazimabad.

Forecast for Karachi and Surrounding Areas

The Early Warning Centre of the meteorological office predicts continued monsoon activity with intensity in Sindh and the eastern parts of the country. Karachi is likely to experience thunderstorms until July 25, with light rain expected on July 26.

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Caution in Rural Sindh

Furthermore, from July 25 to July 26, various districts of rural Sindh, including Jamshoro, Dadu, Qamber Shahdadkot, Naushehro Feroz, Jacobabad, Larkana, and Kashmore, may face the possibility of urban floods due to the rain.

Preparedness and Safety

As the monsoon season continues, it is essential for residents in affected areas to stay informed about weather updates and take necessary precautions for their safety. The city authorities are also urged to be prepared for any potential impact of heavy rainfall.

Karachi is experiencing the beauty of the monsoon season, bringing relief from the scorching heat. While the rainfall adds charm to the city, it is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and stay safe during this weather phenomenon. As the monsoon activity persists, let’s embrace the refreshing showers while ensuring our preparedness for any challenges that may arise.