In a recent development, Samsung has confirmed its ongoing collaboration with Apple on a foldable display tech project. At the SID Review Workshop in Seoul, Samsung hinted at its efforts to develop a large foldable screen, with potential applications in Apple’s devices, particularly in the MacBook lineup. While the partnership remains officially unconfirmed, Samsung’s dedication to enhancing its foldable display technology to meet Apple’s standards suggests the Korean tech giant’s aspirations cater to the Cupertino giant’s needs.


Foldable Displays for Laptops:

During the SID Review event, a Samsung executive emphasized the importance of Apple’s involvement in commercializing a foldable product for the success of the entire foldable device market. While it’s not explicitly clear whether this pertains to foldable smartphones or laptops, the keynote’s focus on laptops implies the latter. Samsung didn’t directly reveal that Apple is working on a foldable MacBook; however, the discussions strongly suggest that the company is investing in enhancing its foldable display technology to attract Apple and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the foldable device market.


Samsung’s Commitment to Improvements:

Samsung Display, known for its expertise in foldable display manufacturing, is committed to elevating the technology to meet Apple’s exacting standards. The primary focus areas for improvement are crease visibility and panel durability. The company aims to reduce the visibility of creases on foldable displays and enhance the panel’s durability to approach the performance of standard glass panels. Samsung’s efforts are evident in the ongoing developments in tensile stress, comprehensive stress, slimness, and flexibility, as depicted in a slide captured at the SID Review Workshop.

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The Path Forward:

While Samsung and Apple’s collaboration on a foldable laptop remains shrouded in speculation, reports from industry analysts suggest that Apple may unveil its first foldable laptop featuring Samsung Display technologies by 2025, with a potential release in 2026. This indicates that both companies are actively exploring the possibilities of foldable devices and striving to overcome technical challenges to bring innovative products to market.


Samsung’s confirmation of its focus on enhancing foldable display technology for Apple indicates the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of its esteemed partner and the broader foldable device market. As advancements continue in areas such as crease visibility and panel durability, the prospect of Apple’s foldable MacBook becomes increasingly plausible. Both companies’ pursuit of innovation underscores their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to customers, hinting at an exciting future for foldable devices.