Exploring the Finest Electric Kettles in Pakistan – 2023 Price Guide

In your pursuit of the ultimate tea-making companion, are you seeking an electric kettle that transcends the ordinary? Search no more! We’ve meticulously curated a compendium of the most exceptional electric kettles available in Pakistan, each with its unique allure, to ensure your quest for the ideal one meets with resounding success.

From cutting-edge aesthetics to energy-efficient marvels, we’ve traversed the landscape of electric kettles to present to you a dozen remarkable options. Without further ado, let’s embark on an expedition through the twelve electric kettle offerings in Pakistan and unravel the one that aligns seamlessly with your preferences!

Haier Steel Kettle 1.5 Litre HKT-4401S

Haier Steel Kettle 1.5 Litre HKT-4401S

The Haier Steel Kettle 1.5 Litre HKT-4401S emerges as the quintessential choice for swift and secure water boiling. With its 360° rotational design, cordless convenience, and an external water level indicator, this kettle offers an impeccable monitoring experience. Sporting a commendable 1.5-liter capacity and an energy range of 1850-2200 W, it guarantees rapid boiling. The sturdy steel construction, accentuated by an indicator light signaling readiness, ensures durability. Safety measures include a locking lid, spill prevention, boil-dry protection, and automatic/manual switch-off. It even conceals its heating element, optimizing performance. Elevate your tea or coffee ritual with Pakistan’s premier kettle, the Haier Steel Kettle 1.5 Litre HKT-4401S!

Anex 1.8 Litre Electric Kettle 1500W

For expeditious boiling of water, the Anex Electric Kettle steps up with flair. Crafted from stainless steel, it blends durability and longevity seamlessly. Boasting a substantial 1.8-liter capacity, it requires just 1000 watts of energy to perform its magic. Its silver and black aesthetic adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your countertop. Elevate your tea or coffee brewing experience by embracing the Anex Electric Kettle today!

Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD4676

Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD4676

Transform every morning into a flawless experience with the Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD4676! This chic kettle boasts top-notch materials and guarantees safety at its core. With a captivating white lavender finish, a generous 0.75-meter cord, and a hinged lid for added convenience, it’s a tea lover’s dream. Flaunting a remarkable 1-liter capacity and 2,400 W of power, it ensures quick indulgence in delightful hot beverages. Offering unparalleled value, this kettle claims the throne as Pakistan’s best. Elevate your mornings with the Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD4676!

Philips 2400W 1.5L Electric Kettle HD4646/56

The Philips 2400W 1.5L Electric Kettle HD4646/56 stands as the ultimate solution for rapid preparation of hot beverages, soups, and more. A robust 2400W heating element ensures swift water boiling. The Multi-safety system prevents boil-dry scenarios and features an automatic shut-off when the water reaches a boiling point or when the kettle is lifted from its base. With an easy-fill hinged lid and ample opening for effortless cleaning, it also mitigates steam exposure. A built-in cord winder simplifies storage, and the Philips brand warranty guarantees quality assurance. Effortlessly savor your hot beverages with this exquisite kettle, Pakistan’s top choice!

KENWOOD Electric Kettle ZJP-01

Embrace the KENWOOD Electric Kettle ZJP-01, a paragon of convenience and sophistication. Featuring a cordless design with a rotating base for spill-free pouring, this electric kettle epitomizes swiftness and safety. An automatic lid-opening mechanism and an auto shut-off feature with boil-dry protection ensure perpetual readiness. Boasting a voluminous 1.7-liter capacity and a power rating spanning from 1850 to 2200 W, it emerges as the quintessential addition to any kitchen. Acquire yours today, for it stands tall as Pakistan’s premier kettle!

Westpoint Electric Kettle WF-3118

Indulge in the world of piping-hot beverages with the Westpoint Electric Kettle WF-3118. This user-friendly kettle presents a commodious 1.7-liter capacity with exceptional energy efficiency. Beyond its stylish appeal, it is crafted from top-tier materials, solidifying its stature as one of Pakistan’s finest kettles. Relish hot beverages with unparalleled ease!

Braun PurEase Electric Kettle (Model: WK-3100)

The Braun PurEase Electric Kettle is set to materialize your coffee and tea fantasies. Boil the perfect cup of tea in a mere 50 seconds, courtesy of its ingenious electric kettle and user-friendly filling system. It accommodates multiple servings and boasts a water level indicator, leaving no room for guesswork. Additionally, it maintains boiling temperature for up to 15 minutes before cooling, eliminating long waits for hot water. Elevate your tea and coffee experience with the Braun PurEase, Pakistan’s go-to kettle for guaranteed satisfaction!

Black N Decker 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle JC-450

The Black N Decker 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is the epitome of secure and efficient water boiling. Sporting a concealed coil, a cordless 360-degree base, and automatic shut-off, it marries convenience with safety. The stainless-steel body and a capacious 1.7-liter capacity ensure its resilience through years of use. Infuse style into your tea and coffee preparation with its sleek silver hue, all backed by 2000W power and 220-240V voltage. Acquire the paramount kettle in Pakistan today!

Sencor Fast Boil Electric Kettle 1.5Ltr (SWK-38RS)

Experience the epitome of convenience and speed with the Sencor Fast Boil Electric Kettle 1.5Ltr (SWK-38RS). Boasting a rapid boiling capability of up to 1.5 liters, it owes its efficiency to a concealed heating element and a formidable 2400W of power. This electric kettle incorporates a built-in filter for pristine hot water, and its contemporary pink hue adds a modern touch. An operational indicator further enhances user-friendliness. Embrace cutting-edge technology with Sencor’s Fast Boil Electric Kettle, now gracing Pakistan!


Enter the realm of the ECO STAR KETTLE EH-KE 110B, an avant-garde cordless plastic kettle poised to become your kitchen stalwart. Facilitating effortless boiling, it features a slew of advanced attributes. Enjoy two years of brand warranty, 1850–2200W power, and a 1.7-liter capacity. Auto lid opening, dual-sided water gauge with heat plate indicator, boil-dry prevention, and limescale-trapping mesh filter ensure a safe drinking experience. Anti-slip feet design guarantees stability on various surfaces. A 360° rotational cordless design enhances convenience, with cord storage to maintain kitchen organization.

Panasonic Electric Kettle SC-20A

The Panasonic Electric Kettle SC-20A emerges as your ultimate culinary ally and Pakistan’s premier kettle. Boasting an 85% faster boiling speed and superior efficiency compared to stovetop alternatives, it expedites tea preparation. Its concealed stainless-steel heating element, coupled with an automatic shut-off feature equipped with boil-dry protection, signifies longevity and practicality. Sporting a resilient stainless-steel frame, a non-slip 360° rotary power base, and a neatly stored 50cm cord, this electric kettle simplifies filling, pouring, and serving. Enjoy piping-hot beverages at your discretion with this 2-liter capacity kettle!

Dawlance Electric Kettle DWEK-7100 Black

The Dawlance Electric Kettle DWEK-7100 embodies the pinnacle of convenience and safety. A 1-liter capacity, coupled with a concealed heating element, simplifies cleaning, while the robust plastic body ensures durability. Auto shutoff and an illuminated power indicator guarantee peace of mind, eliminating overcooking mishaps. Illuminate your tea-making journey with Pakistan’s exciting and premier electric kettle, the Dawlance Electric Kettle DWEK-7100, and relish a steaming cup of tea without delay!


In a landscape brimming with diverse kettle options, the task of selecting the perfect one can be daunting. We trust that this compilation of Pakistan’s top 12 electric kettles, accompanied by their distinctive attributes, has not only simplified your decision but also illuminated the essential factors to consider when making your purchase. Irrespective of your choice, we are confident that you will find the ideal kettle to enhance your morning tea ritual, making it an even more delightful experience!