In the scorching heat of Pakistan, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sipping on chilled water. Discover the top-notch water dispensers in Pakistan for 2023, ensuring your family’s access to clean, mineral-enriched water.

Bid farewell to the hassle of freezing water or dealing with plastic bottles. Embrace a more environmentally friendly approach and indulge in the true pleasure of water consumption with these remarkable dispensers.

The Significance of Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are versatile appliances that provide cold and hot water on demand, making them indispensable in various settings, from households to restaurants, hotels, public places, and workplaces. Not only do they offer convenience, but they also contribute to your well-being by enhancing nutrient absorption, aiding detoxification, facilitating digestion, and ensuring optimal hydration.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Water Dispenser

Before making your selection, it’s essential to weigh several factors:

  1. Storage Capacity: Assess the dispenser’s capacity to ensure it meets your water demands.
  2. Bottleless or Bottled: Decide between bottleless dispensers for added luxury or traditional bottled options.
  3. Temperature Control: Opt for models with adjustable temperature settings for customized water.
  4. Cleaning Mechanism: Look for easy-to-maintain dispensers with effective cleaning features.
  5. Refilling Convenience: Consider the ease of refilling to streamline your water supply.

1. Dawlance: Elevate Your Water Experience

Dawlance, a renowned Pakistani home appliance brand established in 1980, and later acquired by Turkish company Arcelik in 2016, has consistently maintained a reliable reputation over the last four decades. Offering a wide range of household appliances across Pakistan, Dawlance introduces two impressive water dispensers:

Dawlance Water Dispenser WD 1060 This model boasts European export quality with an expanded deck and a generous 3-year compressor warranty. Featuring a stainless steel water tank for optimal hygiene, it provides cold and hot water at your convenience.


  • 17% larger cold water tank
  • 60% larger hot water tank
  • Modern Ergonomic Non-Glass Fascia
  • Tap options: Normal, Hot, Cold
  • 3-year compressor warranty
  • Specifically designed for the Pakistani market

Dawlance Water Dispenser WD 1051 This dispenser offers elegance with its glass door design, available in white and black with a gold finish. Additionally, it includes a mini fridge for your chilled beverages.


  • 17% larger cold water tank
  • 60% larger hot water tank
  • 40% larger refrigerator section
  • Stainless steel tanks for hygiene
  • Tap options: Normal, Hot, Cold
  • 3-year compressor warranty

2. Haier: Excellence in Home Appliances

Haier, known for its multifunctional and budget-friendly household appliances, has been a trusted name since 1984. Here are two remarkable Haier water dispensers:

Haier HDW-206R With a 3-liter water tank and a Danfu brand compressor, this dispenser offers effective performance. Available in a sleek white finish, it’s highly rated for its quality, material, and durability.


  • Brand Warranty
  • Two Faucets & Two Water Temperatures
  • 3-liter Stainless Steel Cold Tank
  • Danfu Brand Compressor
  • Elegant Design
  • Color: White
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Indicator Light
  • 12-liter Refrigerator Capacity
  • Voltage: 220-240 V

Haier HDW-306R This model matches your kitchen’s aesthetics with its striking red color and 14-liter cabinet capacity. Equipped with a high-efficiency compressor, it ensures rapid cooling.


  • Housing Color: Red
  • 3 Taps
  • Cooling Method: Compressor
  • Hot Water Functionality
  • Cabinet Capacity: 14 liters
  • Double Door Design
  • Security Button
  • Precise Temperature Sensor
  • Eco Safety
  • Fridge Cabinet

3. PEL: Innovations in Home Appliances

PEL, also known as Pak Electron, has been offering an economical range of household appliances since 1978. Recognized for its innovation and diverse product portfolio, PEL presents two outstanding water dispensers:

PEL 155 Curved Glass Door This dispenser is a testament to PEL’s commitment to quality. It features anti-leakage material and a stainless steel body for hygiene. With an 18-liter mini fridge, it adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen.


  • Brand Warranty
  • Two Taps
  • Double Condenser
  • Fridge Compartment
  • Rapid Cool Technology
  • Double Condenser
  • Visible Taps
  • Seamless Hot & Cold Tank

PEL PWD 525 Energy-efficient and equipped with a high-quality compressor, the PWD 525 offers a 4.9-liter mini-fridge capacity. Its stylish glass door design enhances the overall look of your kitchen.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Best Quality Compressor
  • Refrigerator Functions
  • Low Voltage Start
  • Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Automatic Thermostat
  • Capacity: 4.9 Liters

“PWD 525:

An Exemplar of Energy Efficiency and Quality Craftsmanship The PWD 525 model epitomizes energy efficiency, boasting a meticulously assembled compressor fashioned from the finest materials. This miniature refrigerator, possessing a capacious 4.9-liter interior, possesses the remarkable ability to lower the temperature of both water and sustenance to a mere 2°C. The piece de resistance, of course, is its resplendent glass door, adorned with an opulent purple blaze motif, affording it an air of lavish grandeur. Moreover, this dispenser bestows upon its fortunate possessor a generous 12-month warranty, replete with an automatic thermostat, designed to cater to your every preference.

Delineating the Features:

  • Exemplary Energy Efficiency
  • Superlative Compressor Craftsmanship
  • Multifaceted Refrigeration Functionality
  • Commencement at Low Voltage
  • Resilient Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Automated Thermostat Operation
  • Ample 4.9-Liter Capacity

4. Homage:

A Chronicle of Excellence The year 2007 witnessed the genesis of Homage, a brand that has since ascended to the zenith of acclaim in Pakistan. It has garnered renown for its steadfast commitment to quality, expeditious kitchen-themed solutions, unwavering reliability, and extraordinary longevity. Homage boasts an extensive repertoire, encompassing batteries, generators, inverters, air conditioning systems, and solar panels.

Homage HWD-49432G: Affordability Meets Practicality The Homage HWD-49432G stands as a paragon of affordability, its unassuming exterior design accompanied by a conventional temperature display. This high-quality plastic encasement, equipped with a child safety lock, is engineered for silent operation. The highly efficient compressor incorporated within ensures that the dispenser remains impervious to overheating, guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply of refreshingly cold water.

Highlighting the Features:

  • Brand-Endorsed Warranty
  • Dispensation of Hot, Cold, and Normal Water
  • Safeguarding Through Child Safety Lock
  • Proprietary Dual Safety Mechanism
  • Emission of Minimal Noise
  • Inclusion of Refrigeration Compartment
  • Three-Tap Configuration
  • Aesthetic Glass Door Embellishment
  • Indicator LEDs for User Convenience

Homage HWD-82: A Symphony of Form and Function The Homage HWD-82, bedecked with a resplendent glass door akin to its predecessor, introduces a triumvirate of standard temperature settings. Its high-efficiency compressor refrigeration system bestows the gift of both hot and cold water, all within a noiseless design, heralded as the quintessential dispenser within Pakistan’s borders.

Detailing the Attributes:

  • Provision of Hot and Cold Water
  • Child Safety Lock Implementation
  • Noiseless Operational Design
  • Inclusion of Refrigeration Compartment
  • Aesthetic Glass Door Embellishment
  • Deployment of Three Taps
  • Redundant Safety Measures to Counter Overheating
  • Adroit Compressor Cooling Technology

5. Orient:

A Legacy Unveiled Established in the annals of history in 1957, Orient has etched an indelible mark by way of its diverse portfolio, encompassing microwave ovens, air conditioning units, LED televisions, water dispensers, and refrigerators. The brand thrives on innovation and conceptualization, proffering an extensive array of budget-friendly, durable solutions to its cherished clientele nationwide.

Orient Crystal 3: A Grandeur Beyond Compare The Orient Crystal 3, bedecked in a standard design resplendent with a dazzling crimson blaze, boasts the most towering glass door to grace the market. It further endows its owner with a miniature refrigerator, fortified by rust-resistant tanks, tailored to withstand the rigors of Pakistan’s sultry climate. Revel in the expeditious cooling technology and serve a plethora of freshly chilled beverages.

Unveiling the Distinctive Features:

  • Unprecedented Glass Door Stature in the Water Dispenser Domain
  • Facilitation of Effortless Water Dispensation
  • Three-in-One: Dispenser and Refrigerator Combined
  • Tanks Resistant to Corrosion, Even in Sweltering Climates
  • Swift Cooling Mechanism Implementation
  • Integration of Cooling Retention Technology

Orient Icon 3: The Epitome of Versatility Orient’s OWD 531 stands as a testament to versatility, equipped with a triumvirate of tap settings, offering cold, room-temperature, and hot water options. Its Precision Temperature Control System endows the user with the ability to access water at the precise temperature required, maintaining it at that level for extended durations. This offering is not only economical but is also a paragon of quality, boasting a child safety lock, steadfast reliability, enduring longevity, and an aura of sheer class.

Enumerating the Attributes:

  • Three Tap Configurations
  • Inclusion of Refrigeration Compartment
  • Safeguarding Through Child Safety Lock
  • Hot and Cold Water Dispensation
  • Implementation of Thermostat-Based Refrigeration

6. Enviro:

Crafting a Legacy of Trust Enviro has carved a niche for itself through the establishment of a sterling reputation, spanning a diverse spectrum of appliances aimed at enhancing one’s quality of life. Its products are not only budget-friendly but also economical, a tradition dating back to 1990.

Enviro Water Dispenser WD-50 GF03: An Affordable Marvel The Enviro Water Dispenser WD-50 GF03 stands as an embodiment of affordability, offering a spacious 16-liter refrigerator compartment, fashioned from stainless steel tanks to ensure hygiene and the provision of pristine water. Its high-efficiency cooling compressor, enclosed within a standard white exterior, makes it a worthy addition to any abode.

Spotlighting the Distinctive Features:

  • Dual-Door Configuration for Enhanced Child Safety
  • Availability of Hot and Cold Water
  • Stainless Steel Water Reservoir for Hygiene
  • Implementation of High-Efficiency Compressor Cooling
  • Aesthetic Styling
  • Electric Operation
  • Inclusion of a 16-Liter Refriger

7. Exploring Nasgas, Panasonic, EcoStar, and Canon Water Dispensers

Nasgas, also recognized as North Appliances Services Private Limited, was established back in 1952 in Pakistan. This pioneering company has carved a niche for itself in the realm of home appliances, celebrated for its unparalleled quality and exceptional post-purchase services.

Nasgas NWD-200 Water Dispenser (3 Taps)

The Nasgas NWD-200 boasts an ABS prime-grade body material, lending it an air of sophistication and elegance. Its exterior sports a sleek black finish, while the interior maintains a pristine white look. The non-magnetic food-grade water tanks not only prevent rust but also extend the appliance’s lifespan.

Features of Nasgas NWD-200:

  • Cooling and Heating Functionality
  • ABS Prime-Grade Body Material
  • High-Efficiency Compressor Cooling
  • Functional Mini Refrigerator Cabinet
  • Non-Magnetic Food-Grade Water Tanks
  • Double-Door Printed Glass
  • Safety Mechanism to Prevent Overheating

Nasgas NWD-190 Water Dispenser (2 Taps)

The Nasgas NWD-190 offers the convenience of two taps for hot and cold water. Its highly efficient compressor ensures that overheating is never an issue. The dispenser comes in a sleek black design with an enticing touch of gold accents.

Features of Nasgas NWD-190:

  • Cooling and Heating Functionality
  • ABS Prime-Grade Body Material
  • High-Efficiency Compressor Cooling
  • Functional Mini Refrigerator Cabinet
  • Non-Magnetic Food-Grade Water Tanks
  • Double-Door Printed Glass
  • Safety Mechanism to Prevent Overheating

8. Panasonic – A Legacy Brand Since 1918

Panasonic, a venerable brand established in 1918, boasts a rich history of delivering a wide array of products, including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and electrical equipment. With an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5, Panasonic has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance and maintained a loyal customer base.

Panasonic SDM-WD3128TG Water Dispenser (3 Taps)

Panasonic SDM-WD3128TG introduces a cutting-edge three-faucet design, providing you with cold, room temperature, and regular water options. Each faucet is equipped with a child safety lock to safeguard against accidental drenching. The exterior features a sleek black body with a grey door and a convenient refrigerator at the base for storing your favorite beverages and chocolates.

Features of Panasonic SDM-WD3128TG:

  • Top-Load Design
  • Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Options
  • Dual Safety Mechanism to Prevent Overheating
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Stainless Steel Hot Tank
  • Dimensions: 310 x 360 x 1005

9. EcoStar – Redefining Modern Living Since 1967

EcoStar, founded in 1967, is a household name offering an extensive range of home appliances, including LED TVs, 3D smart LED TVs, multimedia devices, UPS, inverters, and solar batteries. EcoStar has been a driving force in inspiring a modern lifestyle and culture across the nation.

EcoStar WD-350FC Water Dispenser

The EcoStar WD-350FC Water Dispenser is tailored for modern households and promotes a healthy lifestyle in workplaces, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. It offers instant access to hot and cold water with a striking gold finish and brown abstract art for a touch of style.

Features of EcoStar WD-350FC:

  • Elegant Glass Door
  • Dual Doors for Child Safety
  • Operation via Two Taps
  • Compact Refrigerator
  • Overheating Prevention
  • Hygienic Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Quiet Operation

10. Canon – Simplifying Lives Since 1972

Canon Home Appliances, established in 1972, offers an impressive array of high-end home appliances designed to enhance and simplify daily life. The brand’s product range encompasses Built-in Ovens, Built-in Microwave Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Hobs, Cooking Ranges, Stoves, and Water Dispensers.

Canon CA-100 Water Dispenser

Canon CA-100 presents an economical water dispenser with a one-year brand warranty. It comes in a pristine white color with a glossy finish, offering a visually appealing exterior. With a 3-liter storage tank and a cabinet capacity of 16 liters, it caters perfectly to the needs of any household.

Features of Canon CA-100:

  • Brand Warranty
  • Tank Storage Capacity: 3 L
  • Cabinet Capacity: 16 L
  • Number of Taps: 2

These remarkable water dispensers from Nasgas, Panasonic, EcoStar, and Canon showcase the epitome of innovation and style in the world of home appliances. Each brand brings its unique blend of functionality and aesthetics, catering to the diverse needs of consumers with unwavering excellence.


Investing in a water dispenser is a smart choice for households and offices in Pakistan, providing convenient access to clean and temperature-controlled water. With the top 12 options for 2023 listed above and the key features to consider, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between bottled and bottleless water dispensers?

Bottled water dispensers use water bottles placed on top, while bottleless dispensers connect directly to the water supply. Bottleless dispensers are more cost-effective in the long run.

How often should I clean my water dispenser?

Cleaning frequency depends on usage. Generally, it’s recommended to clean the reservoir and components every 1-2 months.

Can I use tap water with a water dispenser?

Yes, but it’s advisable to use filtered or purified water to prolong the lifespan of the dispenser and maintain water quality.

Is it necessary to have a hot water feature in a water dispenser?

It depends on your preferences. If you frequently use hot water for beverages, a hot water feature can be convenient.

Do water dispensers consume a lot of electricity?

Most modern water dispensers are designed to be energy-efficient. Check the energy-saving features when making a purchase to minimize electricity consumption.

The Bottom Line

In summary, choosing the right water dispenser can greatly enhance your daily hydration and beverage preparation experience. Consider your specific requirements, budget, and available space when making your selection, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying clean, refreshing water throughout the year.