In the realm of Pakistani bedding, the cost of mattresses spans a wide spectrum, accommodating diverse financial considerations. Navigate away from fiscal concerns and discover remarkable, economically-viable bedding solutions that promise top-tier quality and comfort.

Venturing into the world of mattresses without exhaustive research can prove to be a daunting task. This domain boasts a plethora of mattress varieties, each endorsed by distinct manufacturers, all carrying their unique merits. The apt selection of a mattress can ameliorate a myriad of afflictions, including orthopedic and lumbar discomfort. Presented below are a selection of brands offering a diverse array of mattresses, catering to various preferences:

Best Mattress in Pakistan 2023 with Prices (Quick Guide)

List with prices

MoltyFoamRs 18,300
Diamond Supreme foamRs 15,999
Master CelesteRs 33,700
Dura-FoamRs 24,500
Cannon Primax FoamRs 7,074
Five Star FoamRs 14,522
EternaRs 63,800
UnilifeRs 12,925
QslandoRs 200,000
CelesteRs 33,700
Uni FoamRs 11,700
Dream FoamRs 21,300

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress


The latex mattress distinguishes itself through its breathable, eco-conscious design. It provides enduring, opulent slumber replete with tranquility.

Gel Mattresses

Infused with a gel layer, these mattresses act as a thermal shield, shielding sleepers from unwanted warmth, thus ensuring an enduring, restorative rest.

Spring Mattress


Characterized by an array of coils beneath, spring mattresses appeal to those who favor elevated, resilient bedding. Yet, they may be less suitable for those grappling with lumbar issues.

Folding Mattress

Folding Mattress

The folding mattress boasts portability and ease of deployment, adapting seamlessly to a variety of sleeping surfaces. Its folding mechanism ensures rapid transition to comfort.

Air Mattress

Commonly employed in medical institutions and occasionally found in hotels, air mattresses are designed as contingency bedding options.

Hybrid Mattress

Engineered to address lumbar discomfort, hybrid mattresses encompass a trio of high-quality components, combining springs, latex, and foam, ensuring a superlative sleeping experience.

Among the prominent manufacturers in this domain, “Master” emerges as an exemplar of reliability, with a storied history of providing customers with unparalleled bedding solutions. The expansive “Master” catalog encompasses an extensive array of mattresses, enabling consumers to make selections aligned with their unique requisites.

Notably, if you possess specific requirements or grapple with particular lumbar issues, “Master Moltyfoam” stands as the go-to brand for tailored solutions.

Top Picks from MoltyFoam:

  • Molty Sleep
  • Molty Memory
  • Molty Cure
  • Molty Cool Gel Mattress

Price: Rs 18,300

Diamond Supreme Foam

“Diamond Supreme Foam” stands as a paragon of quality slumber, offering an assortment of mattresses that run the gamut from memory foam to spring and gel-infused cooling mattresses. Each mattress is painstakingly crafted to accommodate a spectrum of preferences and lifestyles.

Noteworthy Selections from Diamond Supreme Foam:

  • Supreme Soft
  • Renaissance Pillow Top

Price: Rs 15,999

Master Celeste

Engineered with a focus on mitigating bedsores and redness arising from friction with the mattress, “Master Celeste” emerges as an intelligent solution for rejuvenating slumber. A decade-long exchangeable warranty underscores the commitment to quality and durability. This mattress offers plush, orthopedic support, fostering an equilibrium conducive to serene sleep.

Top Offering from Master Celeste Foam:

  • Master Celeste Cool Gel

Price: Rs 33,700


“Durafoam” prides itself on manufacturing mattresses that epitomize comfort and resilience. These mattresses guarantee longevity and durability under normal usage conditions. If you seek a more cost-effective mattress, “Durafoam” offers a viable option, obtainable both in physical stores and online through “”

Highlighted Options from Diamond Dura-Foam:

  • Dura Ultra Luxury Firm
  • Dura Luxury
  • Dura Silent Night Plus

Price: Rs 24,500

Cannon Primax Foam

“Cannon Primax Foam” introduces top-notch therapy foam designed to grant enduring, tranquil sleep while addressing various lumbar discomforts. If you are searching for a blend of quality and affordability, this brand stands as a stellar choice. The mattresses are meticulously crafted using 100% top-tier foam, rendering them more efficacious than their counterparts.

Notable Selections from Cannon Primax Form:

  • Primax Advance Contour: Precision-engineered to cradle your neck.
  • Spring Rose Mattress

Price: Rs 7,074

Five Star Foam

Crafted with the finest materials, “Five Star Foam” mattresses offer a wide assortment to cater to beds of various sizes, from single to queen and king. Sleep is the elixir of life, and these mattresses promise a portal to a world of cozy repose.

Outstanding Options from Five Star Form:

  • Five Star Wedding
  • Medi Care – Foam

Price: Rs 14,522


“Eterna” stands as a high-end brand, renowned for delivering top-quality mattresses conducive to restful slumber. A 14-day initial trial period, coupled with a straightforward refund policy, underpins the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. With warranties spanning 15 to 18 years, “Eterna” guarantees an enduring and rejuvenating sleeping experience.

Top Picks from Eterna Form:

  • Eterna Soft
  • Eterna Firm

Price: Rs 63,800


“Unilife” mattresses, introduced by “Unifoam,” embrace quality slumber and prioritize customer value. Crafted from high-quality jacquard fabric and featuring voluminous sponges to enhance blood circulation, these mattresses are available in various sizes. Boasting three distinct variants—latex, spring, and foam—these mattresses are equipped with washable covers. However, they are non-reversible.

Highlighted Selections from Unilife Form:

  • Unilife Wedding Spring
  • GelMat Cooling Mattress: Featuring Hydrophilic Gel Technology for temperature regulation across seasons.

Price: Rs 12,925


“Qslando” endeavors to provide quality sleep and places paramount importance on customer satisfaction. Utilizing high-quality jacquard fabric and voluminous sponges to enhance blood circulation, these mattresses are available in various sizes and three primary categories: latex, spring, and foam. The mattress sports a washable cover and, notably, is non-reversible, offering a warranty period of 10 to 12 years.

Noteworthy Options from Qslando Form:

  • Qslando Spring

Price: Rs 200,000


“Celeste” mattresses introduce innovative sleep technology, boasting a cooling gel designed to facilitate balanced nocturnal rest. Featuring seven-zone grooves and an air regulation mechanism, this mattress is an orthopedic healthcare marvel.

Top Offering from Celeste:

  • Celeste Cool Gel

Price: Rs 33,700

Uni Foam

Durability ranks among the quintessential attributes sought in a mattress, and “Uni Foam” admirably delivers on this front. Customer reviews overwhelmingly corroborate the exceptional durability of most “Uni Foam” offerings, ensuring extended usage without a perceptible loss in quality.

Highlighted Selection from Uni Foam:

  • Unifoam Uni Max Mattress

Price: Rs 11,700

Dream Foam

“Dream Foam” represents an international brand introduced by “Brooklyn Bedding,” boasting an impressive 11 years of market presence. The brand offers an extensive range of cushions, sleep pillows, bed sheets, and mattresses, all geared toward enhancing comfort and ease. Employing top-notch materials such as latex, foam, and coils, “Dream Foam” presents a contemporary collection of bed linens and cushions.

In conclusion, the overarching quality of mattress offerings in Pakistan is underscored by the breadth of choice available to consumers. The selection process hinges on individual preferences, be it for opulent latex, cooling gels, or resilient springs. “Master,” “Diamond Supreme Foam,” “Master Celeste,” “Dura-Foam,” “Cannon Primax Foam,” “Five Star Foam,” “Eterna,” “Unilife,” “Qslando,” “Celeste,” “Uni Foam,” and “Dream Foam” are distinguished purveyors in this domain, each delivering unique advantages tailored to the needs of discerning sleepers.